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The Photography Program is the cornerstone of the Oklahoma School of Photography. The training offered combines theory and practical, hands-on experience to prepare the graduate for an exciting, satisfying career as a professional photographer.

The Photography curriculum trains students to be professionals in the fields of:

  • Photographer
    - Portraiture, weddings, fine art, photojournalism, public relations, fashion, advertising, and much more.
  • Lab Technician
    - Processing, printing, quality control, print finishing, etc...

Our students work on assignments that are designed to prepare them to successfully compete in the real world of professional photography. These assignments range from photographic essays to magazine covers, from product shots to portraits. Students work in black & white, doing their own film processing and printing. In the course of their assignments, they shoot with 35 mm SLR cameras, medium format cameras, view cameras, and digital cameras. We offer portrait studios, a light table, copy stand, hand coloring, toning, black & white darkroom, computer labs, and other facilities to provide our students with a broad range of learning opportunities.

At the Oklahoma School of Photography, we offer a modular learning system for the convenience of our students. A new student can begin every other Monday and complete the course 38 weeks later. Our student to instructor ratio is kept small so that we can give our students the attention they needSac Louis Vuitton Pas Cher

Come join us and prepare for an exciting and rewarding career. Whether you are just starting out on a career search, bored with your old job, or wanting to move up to a better, more pleasing way of earning a living, the Oklahoma School of Photography has something to offer you. We'd love to hear from you! Simply click on "PACKET" and we will get you more information through the mailLouis Vuitton Outlet

The On-Time Graduation Rate is calculated by utilizing all students expected to complete within the most recently completed award year whom completed the program within the published “normal�length of time.

  • On-Time Photography Graduation Rate (for award year 7/1/11 thru 6/30/12): 84.61%
  • On-Time Digital Imaging Graduation Rate (for award year 7/1/11 thru 6/30/12): 100%
  • On-Time CMDL Graduation Rate (for award year 7/1/11 thru 6/30/12): 71.43%
  • On-Time Digital Imaging CMDL (for award year 7/1/11 thru 6/30/12): No Data

The Placement Rate is calculated by utilizing all graduates from the most recently completed calendar year with whom obtained employment or self-employment.

  • ACCET Placement Rate for 2010 Calendar Year (Photography): 96.67%
  • ACCET Placement Rate for 2010 Calendar Year (Digital Imaging): 100%
  • ACCET Placement Rate for 2010 Calendar Year (CMDL): 85.71%

  • Cost of Program (all books & supplies included):$16,606 (USD)
  • Median Loan Debt Photography & CMDL: $5,067.50 (USD)
  • Median Load Debt Digital Imaging: Not Posted due to Privacy
  • Use the Net Price Calculator.

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