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​We are excited to see you are interested in a satisfying career in the fields of Photography or Digital Imaging. To get started, you will need to complete an Application. Be sure to mail/fax a copy of your High School Diploma/GED, Driver's License, and Social Security Card.  These documents are a required part of your application! We cannot approve an application without them. We will review your application and send you notification of acceptance or denial.

If accepted, you will be sent an Admissions Packet to complete and choose your start date. Finally, you will work with our knowledgeable financial aid staff to determine financing.

Vocational Admissions Requirements

1. A student cannot have uncorrectable color blindness.
Note: A color blindness test is administered by OSOP to determine color blindness. If a student is unable to have the test administered at OSOP, then the student must submit a letter from an optometrist certifying that the student has taken and passed an eye exam including testing for color blindness or submit test results from valid color blind test verifying color vision.

2. High school diploma OR G.E.D.

3. A student must be at least 17 years of age to begin training.

4. All prospective students will be judged on the above requirements without regard to sex, race, ethnic origin, or religion.

5. CMDL Students: basic computer, internet, and e-mail skills (as determined through the admissions process).

6. Competence in both the verbal and written English language.

Vocational Admissions Procedures

All prospective students are encouraged, not required, to set an appointment and tour the school either prior to or in conjunction with enrollment. A tour of our facility allows the prospective student to see examples of other students work which demonstrates some of the things they will be doing as a student of OSOP.

The following is a detailed list of the steps necessary to be admitted and enrolled at OSOP.

1. Complete an enrollment application.

2. Pass color blind test. (Unless the above mentioned test result is presented.)

3. Submit a copy of High School Diploma, GED, or Transcript..

4. Submits a copy of Driver’s License & Social Security Card.

Students application for enrollment is reviewed by staff.Students will receive either an Acceptance or Denial letter within 30 days of the receipt of all application documents by Admissions.

Accepted Students:

All prospective students are given a Campus Security Booklet and School Catalog

1. Determine Start date of training.

2. Payment method and procedures are agreed upon. If a student is applying for Title IV Federal Financial Aid, a packet is filled out and sent to the financial aid office. The financial aid office will contact the student regarding their eligibility.

3. Enrollment Forms are sent to the student, filled out and returned to Admissions.

4. Enrollment Agreement is signed by student and accepted by staff.

5. Classes Begin.